Career counselling went mobile during school closures in Cambodia

The Covid-19 pandemic closed schools in Cambodia, but in response to the growing need for face-to-face support, career guidance and counselling services went mobile.

The Covid-19 pandemic keeps schools closed and requires students to carry on their studies at home via tools and programs for distance learning. The challenge is that some 60 per cent of the families in Finn Church Aid’s (FCA) target communities do not have access to the TV lessons initiated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, or to any online learning resources.

FCA had to create alternative approaches to help students get uninterrupted support and maintain their routine in career guidance and counselling activities.

Going through thick and thin when reaching out to support students and their families with distance learning.

The career guidance and counselling services went mobile o respond to the need for face-to-face support. Teachers and school counsellors travel to nearby villages by tuk-tuk to meet the students, conduct lessons, distribute learning materials and provide guidance in various personal and career-related issues. They also discuss with caregivers and other family members of the students and provide advice on distance learning and how they can support their children with home learning.

These Mobile CGC Centers also raise Covid-19 awareness by spreading information on preventive measures such as frequent handwashing, social distancing and advice on wearing face masks.

Text: Sari Turunen