International networks

Finn Church Aid is a founding member of ACT Alliance, a coalition of operators of church development work, humanitarian assistance, and advocacy. It is one of the largest charity organisations in the world and includes 135 operators in 120 different countries. Its annual budget for relief work, humanitarian assistance, and advocacy is 1.5 billion euros. The ACT Alliance has a vital role in the coordination of humanitarian assistance by church organisations.

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is the largest programme implementation partner of Finn Church Aid. We facilitate the long-term development programmes of the LWF, and the organisation is also a significant partner of FCA in humanitarian assistance. We also support the human rights and peace work carried out with the member churches of the LWF.

Through the World Council of Churches we support programmes that promote peace and facilitate equality and support human rights.

We work together with several UN organisations, particularly to promote education and peace work. These organisations include, among others, the Children’s Fund UNICEF, the development programme UNDP, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, and the Mediation Support Unit MSU of the UN’s political unit.

Finn Church Aid became a member of the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Steering Group in 2017. Finn Church Aid has participated in developing practical tools and guidance to organisations that respond to education in emergencies.

Furthermore, Finn Church Aid has a growing number of local, bilateral partners. Local partners are churches, church organisations, other religious organisations, and other civil society operators. They are experts in their own operational environments and help us to achieve sustainable results.


Finn Church Aid is a member or supporter of several different networks and thematic organisations. The ACT Alliance Advocacy to the European Union is a joint association of European church aid organisations, and its purpose is to promote the perspective of its member organisations in the development cooperation policies of the EU. Finn Church Aid is also a member of VOICE (Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies), a network of European organisations providing humanitarian assistance, and the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA).

FCA is a full member of the CHS Alliance, the organisation developing, promoting and maintaining the Core Humanitarian Standard.

The collaboration with Omnia Education Partnerships Oy enables FCA to offer Finnish competency-based qualification programs in for example refugee contexts.

We work closely with the dioceses and parishes as well as the Common Responsibility Campaign. We are also a member of the Finnish Ecumenical Council.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European Commission

Finn Church Aid is a partner organisation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. We also have a framework agreement with ECHO, the European Commission’s Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department.