Consultancy contract: Curriculum Development – Technical, Vocational Education and Training


Location :       Juba, South Sudan
Application Deadline :       10th April 2018, Midnight- South Sudan Time
Type of Contract :       Consultancy Firm
Post Level :       Open (National and International Consultancy Firms)
Languages Required :       English  Language (Advanced language skills level)
Starting Date :       01.05.2018
Expected Duration of Assignment : 90 days (4 months)


The purpose of the consultancy is to develop and design competence based curriculum for Seven TVET trades in South Sudan. This is to help the attainment of main strategic objective one of the consortium, which is to contribute to the establishment of national TVET qualification standards endorsed by key government ministries, development partners and private sector bodies.


Finn Church Aid is a faith-based organisation founded in 1947. FCA is the largest Finnish development cooperation organisation and the second largest provider of humanitarian aid. FCA operates in around 15 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We work with the poorest people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or political convictions. Our operation includes long-term development cooperation, humanitarian assistance and advocacy, and we operate around three thematic areas: Right to Quality Education, Right to Livelihoods and Right to Peace. Finn Church Aid is a member of ACT Alliance.


South Sudan is one of the youngest countries in the world, governmental and public infrastructure is severely limited, and the conflict further hampered the capacity of the young country to deliver the basic social services. Although the education sector has already been facing low levels of investment (2.6% of public expenditures as of 2015), the current crisis further exacerbates the situation, and the TVET sub-sector is the lowest funded within education sector. Besides the underfunding, the implementation of TVET in the country still remains fragmented and lacks coherence with different government ministries, NGOs and private individuals conducting different vocational skills course with different curricula, and modes of certification.

To address this FCA is implementing an EU funded 3 years project Strengthening civil society and enhancing technical and vocational education and training (TVET) for youth employment in South Sudan, in a joint consortium with Norwegian Refugee Council, BBC-Media Action, Nile Hope, ACROSS and VOSDO in South Sudan. The Action seeks to strengthen the TVET provision in order to promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship among young people and will provide grant management services to strengthen civil society organizations (CSOs) through grant partnerships. The Action will be aligned to South Sudan’s, Ministry of General Education and Instruction’s (MOGEI) new approach to non-formal TVET, as outlined in the General Education Strategic Plan (GESP) 2017-2022.

Specific deliverables of the entire project include; harmonized TVET curriculum for seven trades in consultation with government ministries responsible for supporting TVET; Renovate and equip 16 centres to provide TVET, enroll 4000 youth aged 15 to 35 years in quality TVET, and 90 Centre Education Committee (CECs) members benefit from capacity building for the running and management of TVET centres. The project will be implemented in the former 5 States, of Warrap, Western Bahr El Ghazal, Central Equatoria, Jonglei and Northern Bahr El Ghazal(CSO Funding Mechanism only).


Working closely with FCA’s Education Coordinator and members of the consortium, Government Ministries of Education and Instruction; and Ministry of Labour and Public Service, formal and non-formal private sector, the consultancy firm will undertake the following duties:
• Conduct an initial review of existing TVET Curriculum, and Syllabi landscape in South Sudan, through identified TVET curriculum stakeholder’s workshop in South Sudan and samples provided. The stakeholders include government entities, NGOs, UN-Agencies, private and public sectors and other current TVET providers in South Sudan.
• Develop and Design a unified competency based curriculum for seven selected TVET trades. These will be identified through the consortium market assessment/analysis to be conducted by the consortium before this consultancy. The curriculum target the non-formal TVET framework aligned to the MoGEI Vocational qualification Framework. The curriculum should also identify qualification standards, assessment requirements and recommendations to contribute to national TVET curriculum, and should be gender sensitive.
• Facilitate and support the buy-in and confirmation process from relevant TVET implementing partners, Government line ministries and relevant organisations including TVET Working Group.
• Proof-read the printed copies of the syllabus.
• Oversee the piloting of the developed competence based curriculum for the seven (7) TVET courses in three TVET centres to be identified in consultation with the consortium members.
• Submit a final report for the consultancy.


• An inception report for the consultancy (Assessment, Curriculum review and recommended 7 (seven) trades).
• A complete unified competence based curriculum for seven (7) TVET trades with clear qualification standards, and assessment requirements for the non-formal TVET pathway endorsed by private TVET providers and development partners through the South Sudan TVET Working group and line government ministries of Education, and Ministry of Labour.
• A final report recommending a unified curriculum framework for South Sudan. This should outline clear modalities for developing such a unified curriculum and prime stakeholders.
• A more detailed project management report – with more clearly defined actions and outputs; also indicating how the competence based curricula developed has contributed to the development of nationally unified TVET curricula.


The assignment is proposed to take with in a period of 90 days (April – August 2018) However, the consultant(consultancy firm) will have to develop a detailed plan indicating expected timelines for the key themes of the consultancy in the technical proposal that will be agreed upon and stipulated in the inception report. The following is a proposed time line.

S/No Activity Description Days
01. Initial assessment of South Sudan’s TVET Curriculum landscape and conducting TVET stakeholder’s workshop, and review of the recommendations from the needs/market assessment report of the consortium. 10 Days
02. Desk review of selected existing and relevant curriculum, syllabi, and learning/instructional materials of TVET in South Sudan. 5 Days
03. Development and Design of unified syllabi for selected seven TVET trades for the consortium. 40 Days
04 Piloting of the developed unified syllabi for the seven (7) TVET trades in three TVET centres. 9 Days
05 Review and validation of piloted syllabuses, buy in and confirmation process with various TVET stakeholders. 14 Days
07 Proof-Reading of Printed copies of the  curriculum . 5 Days
08 Reporting of the Consultancy. 7 Days
Total Days of Consultancy 90 Days


a. Competencies

• Experience in designing and developing curriculum especially in Technical and Vocational Education in the past five- ten years.
• Experience in designing and implementing TVET provision through non-state providers e.g. private sector providers, NGOs, industry, employers.
• Experience in implementing private-public partnerships for TVET, especially Government-NGO collaboration on curriculum development and providing capacity building to government ministries and institutions.
• An understanding of TVET provision for non-formal employment sectors and community-based entrepreneurial activities.
• Knowledge of ‘wrap-around’ support in TVET e.g. careers advice services, work placement, apprenticeship systems, employment matching etc.
• Strong analytical, presentation skills and communication skills.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
• Knowledge of gender-sensitive planning, monitoring and evaluation for gender equality results.

b. Education and Work Experience

• The Lead Consultants of the firm should possess at least a Master’s Degree in Technical Vocational Education and Training. Advanced University degree in the disciplines of Education; Business Management; Economics; International Development; Social Studies will be an added advantage.
• At least 10 years of professional experience in vocational and technical education, preferably in TVET curriculum design and implementation of blended learning systems, in either public or private sector international organizations.
• Insight in international and regional trends and development in the area of TVET. An understanding of achieving SDG Goal No.1 through target 3 of Goal No. 4.
• Understanding of programming and project management concepts, including results based management; gender analysis and conflict analysis would be advantageous.
• A very good understanding of South Sudan TVET system and Land Scape.
• Ability to work in insecure environments and stay in simple living conditions.

c. Other considerations;

• The consultant should be able to and willing to travel to any of project sites for the purposes of this assignment, if required.
• The consultant/firm is expected to abide by FCA’s code of conduct for service providers.


The Consultancy firm reports to the FCA Education Coordinator. It shall ensure quality and timely delivery of the expected results, and will regularly inform FCA and the project team of the progress as well as any obstacles that might occur.

The end-result of the consultancy is a unified competence based curriculum for seven TVET trades. The Consultant however will submit a final report of the assignment of between 20-30 pages excluding annexes. The report should concentrate on the primary responsibilities as determined in this ToR and should include the following components:
– Executive summary.
– Summary of the major achievements, and recommendations.
– Description of the methodology used.
– Short description of the work context and process.
– Brief analysis of the challenges and restrictions of the assignment.
– Conclusions and recommendations for FCA and other stakeholders.


The contract will be processed and negotiated in accordance with FCA’s standard procedures for procurement and consultancy contracts.


Interested firms/candidates should submit the following information in PDF.
– A Technical Proposal indicating ability to undertake the consultancy. The proposal should not exceed 10 pages. The Technical proposal should clearly indicate a description of methodology to be used, a description of the proposed design of the assignment, work plan based on the methodology outlined, the composition of the team for this assignment, and indication of availability.
– The Technical proposal should be accompanied with the following documents;
* A management letter expressing interest in the consultancy.
* Detailed budget proposal including technical fees, transport, meals, consultancy fees and other costs necessary for the assignment. Budget proposal should be in United States Dollars or Euro ONLY.
* Company profile, and or Detailed resume for Lead consultants
* At least three References from previous clients of the firm/consultant

Recruitment is open by midnight 10th April 2018. All applications/proposals received after this deadline will not be accepted.

All queries should be sent by email to with a copy to and clearly marked “Query: Curriculum Development Consultancy”.

Submit your application by the link in the recruitment system.

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