Right to Education

Education is key for a stable future

Education is both a right in itself, and a means of realizing other human rights.
Finn Church Aid supports local communities in quality education.

FCA contributes to improved access and better quality of learning through four strategic focus areas:

  • Education in Emergencies (EiE)
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Linking Learning to Earning (LL2E)
  • Education Sector Development
  • Teacher Education

Education in emergencies is the key focus of Finn Church Aid’s humanitarian work. Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for children and youth in vulnerable situations has a high priority in our programming.

Ensuring livelihoods with vocational and skills training

Vocational training and skills training aim at ensuring better livelihoods through employment and business creation. The skills we provide are relevant to the local context and linked to market opportunities. Vocational and skills training are targeted particularly for youth.

Services related to education

  • FCA creates safe, child-friendly and environmentally friendly learning spaces. We set up temporary learning spaces and build schools, particularly in emergency situations.
  • We provide adequate and relevant teaching and learning materials, as well as school equipment.
  • Education serves as a platform for additional services such as psychosocial support, child/youth protection, nutrition (community kitchens and school meals, school gardens) and hygiene.

See leaflet Right To Quality Education

See brochures on Career Guidance and Counselling and Linking Learning to Earning

Download publication Improving Wellbeing Through Education – Integrating Community Based Psychosocial Support into Education in Emergencies

See brochure Training for Primary Education Teachers in Crisis Contexts (pdf) and full training pack (pdf).