Boys at Za’atr refugee camp: Spain will win the Championship

“I love football.” A sentence often heard at Zaatr refugee camp in Jordan from different aged boys. The boys, who are enrolled in Finn Church Aid’s football school, reveal which top player is their role model. And of course, which country will win the Championship in FIFA World Cup that kicks off today in Brazil.

1. Who is the world’s greatest footballer and why?
2. What makes a great footballer?
3. Which will be the best three teams at the Championship Games of 2014?

  • FCA support football training at Zaatr refugee camp.

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  • Mohammad Ahmad Kharob, 12, a midfielder, has been playing for 3 years.

    1.The world’s greatest footballer is the Brazilian Kaká, because he’s strong and passes well.
    2. A good footballer has good practice equipment, clothes, food and health.
    3. Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

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  • Ahmad Abd-Alrazaq Majaresh, a striker, has been playing for 5 years.

    1. Neymar from Brasil is the best player of all times. He is able to keep the ball and to do many kinds of tricks with it.
    2. A good player needs money, support and a good coach
    3. Spain will win, Italy takes the second place and Brasil will be left with the third.

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  • Abdalrohman Mohmammad Al-Naser, 12, a defender, has been playing for 2 years.

    1. I admire Spanish defender Carles Puyol. He is very strong and he has a heart of a lion.
    2. You can become a great football player if you find a caring coach and if you practice well every day.
    3. Spain wins, Brasil will be the second and Germany the third.

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  • Abdallah Mohammad Al-Naser, 12, a midfielder, has been playing for 3 years.

    1.Lionel Messi. He is strong and he has the best technique of all times.
    2. Good player need supporting team, a lot of practice and care
    3. Spain and Holland will meet in the final but Spain wins. Messi and Argentina will be the third.

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  • Wisam Yassen Abu-Khsheat, 18, a midfielder, has been playing for 10 years
    1. Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal. He is fast and he has true technique.
    2. Good football players are famous and they get to be on TV. Good player needs a good coach and he has to be a real team player.
    3. Spain will win the finals, Brasil will be the second and Germany the third.

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  • Gasem Mohammad Khotabah, 19, defender, has been playing for 10 years.

    1. The defender playing for Spain and Real Madrid; Sergio Ramos. He is the best defender of all times.
    2. You become a good football player if you practice a lot.
    3. Spain and Argentina will meet in the finals and Spain will win the game. The host country Brasil will be third.

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  • Abdallah Mohammad Al-Smadi, 20, a defender, has been playing for 12 years.

    1. Andrés Iniesta of Barcelona. He is a mid-fielder who knows how and when to kick the ball.
    2. Good player practices well, he has good coaches and his team pays him enough to keep him loyal to the team.
    3. Uruguay will take us by surprise and win England in the final. Spain will be the third.

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  • Yaman Wa’el Zedayeh, 18, a right-field defender, has been playing for 9 years.

    1. My idol is the Portuguese defender Pepe. He is a great defender with a great passing technique.
    2. You become a good payer if you practice a lot and if you are supported by your coach and you team. Good players get to be on TV and they become famous.
    3. France will beat Spain in finals and Brasil will be the third.

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Text and photos: Terhi Kinnunen