• Can film be a tool for change in Eritrea? FCA tests new training for education leaders in Eritrea

    Teachers are at the heart of quality education and investment in teachers yields powerful results for learners. Since 2015, Finn Church Aid’s (FCA) education specialists have been working alongside Eritrean education leaders to transform teacher training institutions, so that teachers are better equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality education.

  • “It’s very important that a school has walls and a roof”, say refugee children in South Sudan

    Most refugees arriving in Mingkaman come from the town of Bor which is only a few hours away upriver. At the turn of the year, new refugees arrived at a rate of as much as 5,000 a week. The name of the school, Mät, comes from the local tribal language and means unity. From the […]

  • School in the clouds

    Text and photos: Antti Helin Past the shining yellow rice-fields, over the crest covered in conifers, beyond the narrow, paved serpentine road; along a muddy, potholed mountain road as far as the jeep can go and then on foot for the final stretch of trail. That is how you get to the village of Kaleshwor […]

  • As school goes on, life goes on

    FCA’s quick and efficient response in Nepal has gained attention. Most of the temporary learning spaces were up just two months after the earthquake. Other organisations working in Nepal have been impressed by the efficiency of the building process and have asked for FCA’s support and guidance in building temporary learning spaces. For those who […]

  • In Nepal, a construction site is full of challenges

    A construction site full of challenges “How much further to Gimdi?” we ask a farmer on the side of a bumpy mountain road. We have been on the road for over three hours and it’s starting to seem that the bumpy, landslide mangled road will never end. Right outside the car door loom drops of […]

  • After the earthquake: Play is the best remedy

    The emergency housing for those who lost their homes in the earthquake has been set up in the dormitory of a vocational school for underprivileged young people. Besides the swing, Finn Church Aid has organised a variety of ways for the children there to pass the time: a small slide, a see-saw and a collection […]

  • Ten Photos of Destruction and Hope from Nepal

    Text and Photos: Antti Helin

  • Visiting a minefield

    After the Khmer Rouge regime came to an end in 1979, land mines have killed nearly 20.000 people in Cambodia, and more than twice have been injured. A group of Finnish politicians visited minefields in Battambang province in western Cambodia.

  • Two years in an IDP camp – Nothing much to do but to continue daily routines

    Text: Eeva Suhonen Photos: Ville Asikainen Rakhine state in Myanmar has long suffered from ethnic tensions between different ethnic groups in the region. There are approximately 140 000 internally displaced people (IDP) in the region.  The primary schooling of children and youth of both communities are being supported at their IDP camps. Lutheran World Federation […]

  • Soap, chlorine and plastic bags: The fight against Ebola in Liberia is about ordinary things

    FCA shares information about Ebola with the help of 60 trained volunteers in Liberia. The volunteers work in 200 communities in five counties. Increasing awareness is the most effective way to stop the spread of viral disease, especially in regions where health care facilities are insufficient.