Hope for the future at Bahn refugee camp school in Liberia

The yard in Bahn refugee camp secondary school was full of enthusiastic students in the morning on 2nd October. Students were hurrying over to a truck parked next to the school, eager to oversee the offloading of boxes filled with books. The books had made a challenging journey from Ivory Coast to the refugee camp in Nimba, Liberia. The book truck was delayed for almost a week, due to poor road conditions and complications at the border.

A total of 340 Ivorian adolescents are enrolled in the secondary school in Bahn refugee camp. The refugee camp school came about as an initiative of the teachers, and has been supported by Finn Church Aid from the start.

There are two other schools offering junior secondary education to refugees in Liberia, but only this school offers high school education as well.

It is the desire to learn and the hope for a better future that motivates the students. The ones who passed the final exams aspire now for higher education. Finn Church Aid supports them in accessing the scholarship program administered by UNHCR.

Text: Ulla Tarkka