Major Donors Tell Their Stories

FCA´s Major Donors are people of different ages, different income levels, and donate for different reasons. Some are motivated because they themselves have received help at some point in their lives. Others are motivated to donate because they have an opportunity to help, and supporting people in more vulnerable situations is seen as a positive act for the humankind. For some donors, the will to help comes from Christianity.


Entrepreneur Ms. Mirja Kovanen supported a water supply project in Cambodia

“The rain in Cambodia that would mean nothing in Finland, took the livelihoods from people”, tells Ms. Mirja Kovanen. “That sight is carved into my mind. A decision to help more was born. It feels great that I have been able to be a part of carrying out something so concrete. 17,000 euros was enough to make a remarkable investment in Cambodia.” Mirja Kovanen


Construction Counsellor Mr. Seppo Aho had a school built in Cambodia

“Education is the basis for everything. Visiting the village convinced me that the money has been used for something good”, tells our important supporter Seppo Aho.

Mr. Seppo Aho donated funds needed for building an entire school in Cambodia. The project also included tables for teachers, desks, four toilets, a gate and a fence for the school yard. Additionally a 10,000 litres water tank and lightning was constructed.


We visited FCA’s water supply project in Cambodia

“We familiarised ourselves with a water supply mechanism when we visited Cambodia. Many people had lost their entire rice crops to floods, but were surprisingly hopeful when planning the water supply project and planting new crops.

Considering the damages flooding had caused, the water supply project can secure the local people their income with reasonable costs. Also, by regulating the water supply, people may be able to harvest more often than before.” Major Donor from Eastern Finland


New beginnings for people in developing countries with bonds

“FCA takes hope to where life is hardest, where it often seems impossible thought from the Western perspective. Where the need and poverty are the worst. Through FCA, people get both material aid and know-how, but also the spirit of hope.“ Major Donor from Western Finland