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Finn Church Aid´s (FCA) major donors are private people who do remarkable things for mankind. They are long-term supporters of our work – people who stand by our side for years. They are also people who give a one-time major donation to support a project close to their hearts.

Together More Action for Human Dignity

FCA works in 14 countries, with decades of experience. However, we cannot respond to the long standing challenges of developing countries alone. Together we can achieve so much more.

Major Gifts are one-time donations, or continuous support for the people in developing countries. When supporting our work with more than 10,000 euros a year, the donor, together with FCA, chooses the projects he or she wishes to support. Projects can be anything from building schools to organising water supply mechanisms, supporting small female enterpreneurship, or agricultural projects. The achievements of the selected projects are available to our Major Donors in detailed reports. Donors can feel a unique connection to the project they support by, for example, visiting the project site, and seeing the impact with their own eyes.

What Major Gifts Mean to People in Developing Countries?

Major Gifts help on a large scale, and their impact is usually remarkable for the whole community, or even for the whole country. A donation can be linked to FCA´s three themes; Right to Education, Right to Livelihood and Right to Peace. A donation can also be a tangible building, like a school, or part of a bigger project, for example fixing a water pipe, or supporting vocational training of youth or women in developing countries.

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Bank Account is NORDEA BANK FINLAND: IBAN FI33 1572 3000 5005 04, BIC NDEAFIHH. Or donate online here.

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