Corporate Cooperation

Long-Lasting Changes through Cooperation

Finn Church Aid (FCA) changes the world by supporting people in the most vulnerable situations. Led by this vision, we fight poverty in 13 developing countries, providing assistance regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Our Head Office is in Helsinki, Finland, and our work is supported by country offices, with more than 300 employees, and carefully selected local partners in each target country. Our donors and partners play a vital role in driving change with us. Could your company be one of them?

How Does Your Company Benefit from Our Cooperation?

A good partnership is inspiring to both parties. This is a great opportunity for your company to implement its CSR programme. We want to keep you informed of the progress and the impact your company is making, as well as provide you with materials which can be used in your company´s marketing and communications.

We provide progress reports twice a year for donors who support our projects with more than 10,000 euros a year. Your company can become a significant supporter for a designated project, or, for example, sponsor an entire school in a developing country. Your company’s supported project can perhaps align with your company’s sector.

Our projects always respond to existing needs and challenges in our programme countries. If your company´s expertise could meet those needs, it´s also possible to implement your technology or expertise into our development cooperation projects. In these cases we generally invite you to participate in the planning of that project. By participating in the projects and by exporting your company´s expertise to developing countries, your company may find new market areas and learn local operating models in growing markets.

Your company´s support is needed.

Contact us and let´s find the right form of activity for our cooperation.

Key Account Manager
Jenni Lähteenmäki
Phone ++358 40 670 4491

You can also donate online or by money transfer to Nordea bank: IBAN FI33 1572 3000 5005 04, BIC NDEAFIHH.